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US Tour Clinic "Jacques Delécluse, studies for snare drum, from tradition to modernity"

Dernière mise à jour : 25 janv. 2020

" When I was a student, I practiced many of Jacques Delecluse’s etudes with several teachers who had studied with him. For many years now, I have had the chance to meet students around the world who are playing these same etudes. As a French per- cussionist, a teacher, and to make a tribute to Jacques Delecluse, I will be happy to share with you my approach to Delécluse’s snare drum etudes and take time to try to explain the influences he has made on percussion and why these studies are still played all over the world.

During my PASIC17 clinic, I will play some Jacques Delécluse etudes and will try to give an an- swer to the question: “How should these etudes be interpreted.” Of course, there is no one way; there are many ways to play these etudes. Perhaps it is because these studies are so musical that they are played so much and are so famous. I will give you my thought process and how I found my personal interpretation. We will see how the score shows us the influence of the French military drum tradition, the orchestral repertoire, the musical life of Jacques Delécluse, and the context of percussion in France.

In addition to this intellectual approach, I will give you some of my exercises to practice to help you perform these etudes, plus some musical ideas, too. For example, have you ever thought about this: In French, snare drum is “caisse Claire,” which means “clear drum”? This might be a first step in the direc-tion of our interpretation."

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